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The most trusted name in luxury watches!
Payment and Shipping
Payment Options

Checking out through the bjfd88.com checkout process is simple and completely secure. We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards. All data communications through bjfd88.com web-site is encrypted using a minimum of 128 bit SSL encryption with keys from COMODO.

_中文字幕在线视频Secure Payments with PayPal for purchases up to $120000. Pay with your linked bank account, credit or debit card or choose PayPal Credit and pay over time. Please note that payments processed using PayPal will be charged immediately (as opposed to when your order ships).

_中文字幕在线视频Paying is quick and simple with Amazon Payments.

Pay over time for your purchases without any catches.

_中文字幕在线视频For those who have an AliPay account, paying with Alipay is fast, easy and safe.

We accept: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple/XRP, Ethereum & Litecoin via our cryptocurrency merchant service provider net-cents.com.

All sales on bjfd88.com are in US Dollar currency. While we do accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as a payment method to our customers, we are not a cryptocurrency trading company & do not hold onto the cryptocurrency. As soon as a cryptocurrency payment is successfully completed it is exchanged into US Dollars by our cryptocurrency merchant service provider. As such, any & all credits or refunds for cryptocurrency transactions (including overpayments) shall be in US Dollars only, based on the US Dollar purchase price at the time of sale. We do not refund in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies nor do we take any responsibility for market value fluctuation regardless of the circumstances or reason for refund.

Wire Payment
_中文字幕在线视频 Paying via a bank-to-bank wire on watches priced over $1500 will afford you a 2% discount off our "Your Cost" advertised price. Please contact us to discuss payment via this option.

Personal or Cashier's Check
_中文字幕在线视频 We accept personal and cashier checks issued from US banks only. Without exception, we will only ship the package once the check - regardless if it is a personal or cashier check - once the funds have completely cleared. This process may take anywhere from 3-7 business days. Receive a 2% discount off "Your Cost" price with this payment method.

Shipping Information
Shipping to the Continental USA

Prestige Time LLC offers free FedEx Standard 3-4 business days delivery shipping on all watch orders ($15.00 value). Please note - due to the nature and value of the products we sell ALL packages will require an adult signature at the time of delivery. Unfortunately due to insurance restrictions we are not able to ship packages without requiring an adult signature. Expedited deliveries such as "Next Business Day" and "2nd (second) Business Day" deliveries are also available at an additional cost.

Shipping Method Cost
FedEx Standard (3 business days delivery) Free ($15.00 value)
FedEx 2nd Day (2 business days delivery) $25.00 ($40.00 value)
FedEx Next Day (next business day delivery) $40.00 ($55.00 value)
FedEx Priority Overnight delivery (delivery before 10:30 AM the next business day) $65.00 ($80.00 value)

Our preferred method of shipping is via FedEx. Alternate shipping options and methods are available upon request. All packages shipped via Prestige Time LLC are fully insured against loss, theft and damage during transit. Although FedEx does not insure watches above $500, our packages are covered by an independent 3rd party insurance company. All packages are shipped with an "Adult Signature" requirement prior to release by the FedEx driver. Before signing please inspect the package to ensure it has not been tampered with or damaged.

Shipping to an address other than the billing address

Due to the heightened risk of fraud associated with credit card purchases of high end luxury items such as watches and jewelry, PrestigeTime prefers to ship all watches to the billing address. However we recognize the necessity for customers to have an option of shipping the package to an alternate address. If you choose to have the package shipped to an address different than your billing address, we will require that an "alternate shipping address" be added to file with your credit card company. This is a very routine and simple process which should take only a few minutes.

  1. Call your bank customer service telephone number; the telephone number is on the back of your credit card (usually toll free).
  2. Ask the customer service representative to add an "Alternate Shipping Address to File" and give the representative the address you'd like to have us ship the watch to.
_中文字幕在线视频 This security procedure benefits and protects both the consumer and Prestige Time LLC from potential fraudulent orders. This procedure tells us that the cardholder has authorized Prestige Time LLC to ship the watch to an address other than the billing address.

Shipments to Alaska, PR and Hawaii

Orders shipped to Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii will be charged a flat fee of $60.00 and are usually delivered within two to three business days from shipping.

PO Boxes

At this time we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes, as FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.

APO/FPB Military Addresses

_中文字幕在线视频We are please to inform you that we do deliver to APO/FPO Military Addresses. Delivery is via US Mail with a charge of $30, this fee covers delivery and insurance expenses for purchases up to $5000. Orders exceeding $5000 will be given a custom quote prior to us processing the order. Please note: Due to Military Handling times we cannot ensure or estimate transit/delivery times.

Shipments of multiple items or large packages

On some boxes such as the multiple head Orbita Watch Winders, or shipments with multiple items which are large and heavy, we may need to adjust the pricing for shipping. If such is the case on an order you placed we will notify you before we charge you card or request payment. A custom-shipping-quote will be provided once we determined the delivery location and all costs involved.

Sales Tax

Recent changes to sales tax laws for remote sellers (e-commerce businesses) require us to collect sales tax on orders shipped into the states listed below. Sales tax is calculated in the shopping cart:

California North Carolina Pensylvania
Colorado New Jersey Texas
Illinois New York Virginia
Massachusetts Ohio Washington

Product Availability

_中文字幕在线视频bjfd88.com takes pride in its large inventory of quality time pieces. If your purchased item is currently in stock, we will ship the item within 1 to 2 business days after the order is verified. You will be notified of the shipment by email or phone.

Under certain circumstances, due to the volume of orders we receive or due to the item being a non-stock item, an item will be out of stock. If this happens, we will notify you by email or phone in a timely fashion to provide you the desired watch within a pre-determined, estimated time frame or help you find another item. If you have already been charged, but the item is no longer in stock, please be assured that we will refund the full amount charged. Refunds will be issued by the same method as the original payment.


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